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    Outsourcing Support

    Anyone know of any good companies that provide support for customers.
    I'm looking for someone to outsource my support, i'd need someone that can offer a live anonymous help desk either 24/7 or within normal office hours, deals with cpanel + whm and can take care of upto 100 customers.
    Has anyone any recommendations?
    + is it best to go for an outsourcing company that charges per customer dealt with, or just a standard rate per month?
    Any ideas guys??

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    I have a great company that does all my server administration and also will offer outsourcing support to companies for a very reasonable rate. Their site is - I have nothing but great things to say about them. They are on 24/7 go way beyond what I ever imagined and are very friendly and speak fluent english! If you go to their website they have a live help button where you can speak to a rep with your questions and they also have AIM - linuxengineers

    I am not getting paid or anything to say this. I am just a really happy customer. Hope this helps.
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    I would go for touchsupport.
    It is a lil pricy, but you get tech from the united states. They know english well, and are all very professional.
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    I'll vouch for TouchSupport, as well. Unless you want your support team sounding like robots, they work very well and are very knowledgable. A great addition to my existing support staff
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    Touch support and tripod support are the most reputable here and are very good, both have friendly staff and good english speakers, touch support has a US staff so people prefer them since there 1st language is english
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    but touch support is a little bit harder on the wallet,

    if you need low-cost support go with tripod, otherwise if you do have some money to spare, i'd recommend touchsupport.

    it really depends on your budget...

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