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    Question Implementing babelfish into a messageboard

    I'm thinking of adding a feature where a post on my messageboard can be translated using altavista's babelfish service.

    The plan would be that my script would post the data to babelfish, grab what's returned, strip the translated content out of the data and then cache the data and display it for the user to view.

    I am just wondering about the morality of this. If large sites started doing this, it could hammer the altavista servers.

    I was thinking of maybe using something like GPLTrans, but it's not too well documented and information on it seems to be hard to find.

    Does anyone have any ideas/opinions on this?

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    Before you do anything, contact altavista about it. They might have a special procedure you need to do before even trying to use their service on your forum. I'm sure Altavista would have some kind of policy about this. I think it's better, however, to put something locally on your server rather than using altavista's server resources and bandwidth.

    Good luck!
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