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    * Looking for work - Anything and everything!

    Greetings all!

    I am a South African web designer on the lookout for some much needed employment. I have been working as a freelance designer for the past three years, and in that time, I have amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry. I can hold my own with Photoshop and graphic design, and I can code a little in PHP/MySQL and ASP/Acees if needed. (I am currently in the procees of teaching myself these languages).

    At this point in time, I am on the lookout for anything. I will do all your grunt work, design/code templates, maintain sites, or anything else you have in mind. I would also really like to get more invloved in the hosting industry. I manage all the hosting accounts for the sites that I design, so I have a pretty good understanding as a whole. A level 1 customer support position would probably suit me best at the moment, but I am a quick learner, and would like to advance pretty quickly and possibly learn server admin at the same time. So if you are looking for somebody to handle your graveyard shift customer support, I am your man.

    As I've mentioned, I really need the work, so I am open to any and all suggestions. The ideal scenario for me would be a more 'permanent' type of employment, but I am more than willing to take on small projects. Maybe we can work something out while I learn the ropes of the hosting business?

    Like I said, I am open to discussing any offers, so if you have something in mind, no matter how small, drop me a mail, PM me or hit me up on IM.

    Thanks for reading this!
    stuarts (at) (remove the spaces)
    ICQ# 163591529

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    Hi there

    If you could let me have a couple more details, it would be greatly appreciated.


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