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    What is a hosting template?

    I have been accused by a number of people that my hosting site is unprofessional looking because it looks like a hosting template.

    My site was custom written by a developer. What exactly is the definition of a template? If the site falls into the definition of a template, why would it be considered unprofessional?

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    To see what we mean by templates, just look at the hosting sites. Templates when people haven't bothered to try and adapt them are unprofessional but I like your design and I don't think it looks overely "templatey"

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    Good answer Andrew =)
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    i like your site. it's not any where near as templately like my site!
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    I guess nat did a really awesome job on your site

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    I don't know about the guy who told you that your template is un-professional because it looks really neat

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    Thanks for all of the feedback. I really like my site and I wasn't actually looking for a review. I was interested in knowing the following:

    1) What is the definition of a hosting template? I assumed a template was a standard form in which the webmaster customizes to their specific needs.

    2) If a website is classified as a hosting template, why would this automatically classify the site as unprofessional?

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    1) yes. that's a template.

    2) i don't think anything is wrong with a template for hosting. your selling services and not web design. The site is easily laid out and informitive.

    If you used a template to sell web DESIGN work, that would be bad.

    very bad.
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    My three criteria for unprofessional:
    1. Resellers, most especially those who refer to resold service architectures as “Ours.”
    2. Template Sites with tired, over-utilized business stock, replete with poor grammar.
    3. Newly registered domain with text speaking to "our years in business"

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    i really like the design on that site. Much better than 95% of templates I've seen, probably due to customisation!

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