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    Web design leads

    I have a client that does various lead generation programs for people; mostly things like home improvement leads, mortgage leads, etc. He is starting to generate web design leads now so I told him I would post here for him.

    Fields on the lead form are Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Home Phone, Work Phone, Email address, Website URL if applicable, Site Design is for Personal or Business Use, Expected Budget range, etc. IP# and time/date stamp are included.

    Bad leads are returnable for credit ( bogus info, bad phones, person denies making request, etc)

    Leads are exclusive and are $15.00 each, less than 24 hours old except over weekends - mondays you get leads that are a couple days older obviously.

    If you are interested, you can call Morgan at 702-388-4105 or email at [email protected] -- Consolidate Student Loan Debt

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