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    Customers for sale...

    I have a customer who has 3 websites hosted for sale. I am currently hosting him on my reseller account, but I plan to/have close my account and step away from the biz for a bit.

    The customer paid $30CDN per year for each site. The sites accounts currently have a limit of 50MB and 1GB bandwidth each, he doesn't even use it all.

    This customer is making new sites often...he seems to add another one every month or two. He is an older gentleman who designs websites for his friends, family, acquaintenances, etc and knows a lot of people so I am guessing he will be bringing his new host more business in the future.

    Anyone interested?

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    Could you please msg me on yahoo my name is ib3439184

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    I don't have Yahoo...sorry. Please PM or MSN me...





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    I guess I should also add that his accounts are set up a few weeks apart. If I'm not mistake, his 3 sites were start in late January and into that's when his payments are due again. The one account he paid for 2 years, the others are single years.

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    Also, please only reliable hosts. He expects good uptime, and would likely prefer to have a contact phone number.

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    What kind of a price range are you looking for? G2-Hosting.Com is interested in the purchase.

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    Interested as well.. can you pm me your requested price?

    Thanks Jason

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    im interested

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    I don't have a price I'm looking for. Make an offer and I'll choose the host I think has the best offer (this not only includes price but service). Thank you.

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    Hello we're interested any offers you have we'll beat.


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