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    Setting up forum for subdomain in cPanel

    Ok when I click oh phpBB in cPanel it asks to enter in a directory where I wish to install the forum. But it only allows me to create the folder at I'm wondering how I go about setting up the forum for the addon domain which is in the form of Is there anyway I can setup so it asks me which folder to create it in say for Thanks.

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    That would be installing it to a second level directory, public_html/addondomain/foldername.

    Unfortunetly CPanel's installer (and even Fantastico) only let you install to top level directories.

    You could always move the files to the other directory (most likely changing the config file to point to the new location) or just install it manually by downloading from which is nto too hard with their installer and guide.

    EDIT: If you wanted it to be the main thing you see when you surf to then you could just install to the directory "addondomain", that would work.
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    Ok thank you. I think i'll download it and then manually install it. Thanks again.

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