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    Question FTP Webhost

    Anyone know of a free webhost that allows unlimited FTP? I've looked around at a bunch, most either do not allow FTP or limit it. I used which allowed FTP, but then found out that they would not allow me to CHMOD my files and folders to 777, currently I am trying to get on one of those Pay by Post webhosting servers that I think will allow it, but not sure, curious if anyone knows of free webhost unlimited FTP...

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    I would try best to get hosted at a private domain.

    Pick-me dot net is a good place.

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    ok, I looked it over and I think I understand what its about...I go to and create a website, then I submit as a Hostee that I wish to be Hosted by, they review my website and details. Then if they decide to Host me they may/will give me certain things like webspace, unlimited FTP, CPanel, php, frontpage compatiblity...

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    Netfirms is the best free host in my opinion. They do offer free ftp and support most file formats.
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