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    Wanted: Real Estate Templates

    I am looking for several (at least 5) real estate templates. These are for residnetial real estate based in the UK (but most US style ones should work).

    I am looking for a good variety of clean, crisp & professional templates everything from rural to city etc etc

    Does anybody have any they are looking to sell at this time?


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    I also can make you one. my price range is $30-$68
    Albert Chen
    website & graphics design | Hosting
    aim/icq : achenxp | msn : [email protected]

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    If you are serious and are interested in quality work, please do contact me via email ([email protected])

    Alex - QuickLineFX
    HQ Max

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    i have one that is somewhat real estate related but more like business but here is the template anyways

    if ur interested just let me know.

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    I've got a simple one I've had around for a while. It's just a psd, not sliced or coded, but if you're interested I'll let it go cheap. Contact me if you want a screen cap.

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    i also can make you one. my price range is $50-$100

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