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    Cool NDCTech++

    I just wanted to post and let everyone know how satisfied I am with NDCTech right now. I have a machine colo'd with them on their HE network, and over the last few months, it's been very solid, and support has been very helpful.

    A few hours ago my machine went down unexpectedly, after a physical reboot, the machine failed to come back online. What I was most impressed with was the fact that a normal situation like this requires remote hands, which can vary greatly in price (usually moderately pricey), I was not charged a dime. A datacenter tech took a look at my machine and brought it back online without question.

    To potential customers, I most definitely would not /expect/ to get free remote hands (at least in this instance), but the fact that Scott did me this huge favor deserves recognition.'s to NDCTech going above and beyond getting my machine back online! Thanks guys!

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    Yeah, those guys rock.
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    They Rock!

    I would agree with this statement as well!

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    I would have to say I'm not surprised they did this. They bend over backwards for thier customers all the time.

    I'm sure their techs took the time to go into the bios and change your setting to make sure this same thing did not happen again.

    Glad to see people acutally posting good comments about hosts instead of bashing.

    Rock on NDC !


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