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    2 Layouts and logo for sale, freebies!

    Hello again, i'm back with another layout. This one is a computer/electronics sales site. As with all of my layouts, you receive:

    Full rights.
    Fonts used

    The layout :

    The buyout for this layout was initially 150, but I had an offer of 200.00 for the layout. I will leave this layout up for ONE day to see if anyone else would like to bid over 200, and if nobody does, the other guy gets it.

    As a special this time, I will include one of the following for free with your purchase. I usually charge extra for these, but I need to sell this layout, so now they're free!

    -Slicing - HTML source code/images output. Will slice to accomodate.
    -Free inside page. I will create an inside page to your specifications to match the main page.
    -Free older layout of mine. If you choose this option, I will show you about 10 layouts I have done in the past that I have not sold because I either didn't finish them, used them personally (i.e. not sold) or they weren't as high of quality as my others. You will be allowed to choose one for free out of those 10.

    I also have another layout for sale. This one is a gaming template. It's price is 125.00 with your choice of one of the above 3 options for FREE.


    The last thing I have for sale tonight is a mouse "logo" I guess. It was made with gradients and airbrushing in photoshop. It is NOT intended to be used for print because this is the size it was made in, and it was print with insanely bad quality i'd imagine.

    The price is 20.00 or best offer.


    If interested, please email me at [email protected] OR reply here via post/PM. Thanks!

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    Layout one sold...layout 2 and logo still available.

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    Good stuff, man, good stuff
    HQ Max

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    Gaming layout price dropped to 75.00.

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