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    Can't access some sites unless www deleted..

    We are having difficulty accessing some websites unless we delete the www
    from the URL. We have DSL access and a PC & Mac network. I have brought in a
    laptop and connected them direct to the DSL modem and have the same problem.
    I have discussed this with our DSL provider and he seems to have no answers.
    They have replaced the DSL router and that didn't correct the problem.
    Links within an accessible site must be edited to remove the www before they
    will work. This doesn't happen on all sites, perhaps 10-20%. This is
    consistent on all machines.

    Thanks in advance!!


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    you need to setup a CNAME in your dns so that you have something like this:

    www 14400 in CNAME

    (note the period at the end)

    that should fix the problem

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    www is deprecated?

    sounds like some of your machines are class C
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    i also face the same problem. In fact i have kept some links in my page but it do not work at some places and in some places it works. why so ??

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