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    Editing my.cnf for newbies


    I have a server hosted at and I want to increase the variable:


    from 100. How would I got about doing so?

    I know I have to go and edit my.cnf file but I'm not sure how to locate it, download it, and edit it.

    I'm very much new to this whole thing so any step by step instructions would be much appreciated.



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    Just wanted to add that I need to know what tools or apps I need to use. Telnet? phpmyadmin? FTP?

    The server I'm on is a Red Hat Linux server with Cpanel and WHM if that helps.

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    You need to edit the my.cnf file, which is usually locate in /etc/my.cnf or /usr/local/etc/my.cfg. If you use cpanel you have to change /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/my.cnf too. Throw this in there:

    set-variable = max_connections=500
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    How do I go about downloading it and uploading it. I know it's in the etc directory but I'm not sure how to access it to make the change.

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