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    I have had a 2checkout account for about 2 years, although I use for all transactions now, however I want some feed back from 2checkout users....

    Do you 2checkout members ever get paid via 2checkout via check? if so how long does it take for you to receive it, I'm a UK user and its been 45 days, and i still have not received a check to my Uk address, they say they sent it, I say I have not received it, they say I can cancel the check for $12, but my arguement is that why on earth should I pay $12 to cancel a check that I have not been paid on yet? or received?

    Are these people for real, I have no probs with worldpay, but 2checkout is slow on support, and they really dont know how to give a personal response to a customer.

    Tell me UK users or even USA users, do you receive checks on time?

    (and no, wire transfers are not an option from the untied states to my Bank)


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    I've been using them for 18 months. They are OK. Was receiving cheques but now i get transfer into my bank account. All cheques were received here (Sydney, AU) within around 10 days of them posting. How's the postal system in your country?

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    Yes, we've used them for all different payment option over the past 3 years and they have been very reliable with that.

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    Hi Guys

    Thats the thing, the UK postal system is not that slow, its taking its time, thats for sure,,

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    I had exactly the same problem with my payment 1st May. It never arrived (I'm in the UK) so I paid $12 to cancel the check (that is what they have to pay to their bank) and from now on I get wire transfers, much simpler and no waiting for checks to arrive.

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    Cheques for the UK we found to be 4-7 days if lucky.. 45 days it to long

    Russ Foster - Industry Curmudgeon

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    I have a UK halifax account,. and two check out is asking for the routing number, I rang halifax and they said they only deal with Swift codes and role numbers, which are 8 digits, I then rang there Wire transfer department, and the told me that Halifax dont accept wire transfers from the USA, which is kind of strange...

    2checkout are asking for a 9 digit number, VERY strange indeed!!

    46 Days now, and no sign of my Check, what a big suprise...

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    Now they have sent out another check for this moths amount, and my account balance is $0, so lets eee if I get this one, or if its going to take a few years to receive it! haha

    Thanks for all your imput, I dont think we shall be using 2checkout again!

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    Halifax don't accept wire transfers from USA?

    That is insane, I would say find another bank. I'm with HSBC and havn't had any problems at all.

    You should have an ABA Routing Number and a SWIFT number for your bank. If Halifax don't accept transfers from USA then it means they don't have a corresponding bank in USA which is required, I would say switch to HSBC.

    I also don't like Halifax's TV adverts, I think they are stupid and annoying.

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    I agree,

    After many hours of waiting, and talking to (so called members of staff at Halifax branch in Torquay) I have recieved information that they do accept wire transfers, and I have now gotten the routing number, however it does not explain where two checks have gone, or at least the first that 2checkout sent which has now taken 47 days.

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    I ment to post about the bank, I have a Business Current account with Halifax, and enjoy there services, and online banking, my personal bank is Nation wide.

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