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    MySQL and PHPMyAdmin

    I just installed MySQL on a Win2003 box. Everything went fine, it appears to be running fine. I then tried to set up PHPMyAdmin to admin the databases. I get the error:

    #1045 - Access denied for user: #######

    I have double checked the user and password...and have tried almost everything combination of config settings. I have also reset the username/password in MySQL. I even went as far as reinstalling MySQL.

    Any ideas what the problems can be? Seems like an easy task...just one small bump I am stuck on.



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    Some host don't accept remote connections to mysql, contact your host to try and solve this.

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    I am my own host. Also, it is on the same server....

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    Make sure the conf file for phpmyadmin say the server is located at 'localhost'

    Also check the error logs, they are the key to the answer.
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