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    One-stop reseller solution? Domain registration, hosting, support?

    Hi. I'm wondering if you could recommend a one-stop reseller solution for my web design business? I don't want to have different accounts at different places for each post-sale component of my business. I'd like to be able to provide my customers with the total package and make a small, on-going mark-up on hosting and domain registration. At the same time, I don't want to be a full-on hosting service (reseller). My sites are almost all small, static site with few requirements. Thanks in advance for you input.

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    Your best bet is to try host quote at the top of this page because hosts cannot reply to you in this forum. I am sure their are lots of hosts out there that would be willing to help you out. Possibly a 1 time commission or a recurring monthly commission.
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    Hi Rusty -

    Lots of companies could fill your requirements - My recommendation would be to make a control panel decision first - then look for hosts that provide that feature...

    Hsphere is great (though, I am biased ) - as it integrated everything - Billing, Helpdesk, Domain Registration, etc... - in one package....

    Best of luck in your search...

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    Well, yes, many hosts offer those components. I think you also want to look at how long they are in business, and how well they answer your questions (and how fast). Be careful with those who have no quick and clear reply to your questions -);

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    Yup, definatley go for h-sphere, it has everything you need. An all-in-1 solution.
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    I would recommend going with a hosting company that has an affiliate program. Therefore, you can sign your customers on their plans and they handle everything from billing, support, upgrades, patches, etc. All the while they pay a percentage of the monthly fees from the customers you bring in.

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