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    DNS Load Balancing

    what is the best solution to do advanced load balancing, e.g.
    IP A gets 20% of the traffic
    IP B gets 40% ...
    IP C gets 10% ...
    IP D gets 30% of the traffic

    are there any "plugins" for bind to do that?

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    i havent heard of any plugins that do that.. but u could for example, make 2 records for IP A and 4 for IP B if your doing round robin dns load balancing

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    zafarnc:jepp doing that for a while now, but I already maxed out the 6 spots (is there a way to define e.g. 10 possible IPs and have bind only pick 6 of them randomly?)

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    there is no load balancing in bind.. its just not possible.. you'd actually need a load balancer or software running that listens to a port and then sends the traffic to a/b/c/d

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    Try asking rusko. He's pretty good at such engineering issues as far as i can tell.
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    Hardware load balancing often provides you with a flexible rule set you create and maintain which allows you to specify when a user goes to what server.

    DNS Round Robin is just that --> round robin.

    Now, given a dynamic Web site (PHP, ASP, JSP, etc.), you could probably develop a system where by all the servers in the DNS round robin cluster know the status of the other servers; and then when a particular server gets a round robin call, transfer it to another server.

    However, that would presume the server getting the call has enough free processing power et all to accept the call and do the transfer.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    You can do this with djbdns.

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    thx dan - Mr. Bernstein rocks!

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