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    Hi Guys,

    I would Like to share some payment processors with you, or for the people just starting and wanting to process credit cards online with little or no setup fee... (good processor) (free setup) (free setup) (free setup - merchant account for UK) (free merchant account) Free ATM Card: ($49 setup fee) (free Setup) (Setup Fee required) (free Setup) Process all Credit Cards) (free Setup) (free setup) (setup fee required)

    Or just want to process credit card data through a normal secure 128 bit server for free

    I thought by putting the above up, it may help new people to find a merchant account or third party credit card processor.

    Good Luck!!!!!!!

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    Re: Free Credit card processors

    Thanks for your information. Can i know which merchant account would be the best (setup fee waived) such as lower rate and no minimum specified high withdraw amount beside PayPal?

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    I would have to say that is the best out of all of them, no setup fee, (subscriptions) member management, checks sent out on time each month, there just a great company, However, I do use, but they do have a high volume start up fee. Best thing to do is check them all out, and decide which one you pefer after you know all the facts about each and every company.

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    Thanks for your info. Could you give us more explanation about how much they charge for every transaction? And what do you think about mypaysystem?

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    I really dont know about paysystems, because i have never used them, however, if you go to you can find out everything you need to know about there charges, good luck!

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    you will need to check out all there websites to see there prices, I would also do background research on paypal before you think about signing up with them cause i dont know about anyone else out there but they certainly screwed me over backwards.

    the thirdparty processor i use are:

    NOCHEX - with a processing fee of only 0.99p no matter how much you transfer.

    Fastpay - Havnt transfered money using that, but i got an e-mail about them thinking about it being free.

    I have not had any trouble using any of these processors and would recomend them.

    There websites are: (i think).

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