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    Potential Multi-Site Sale

    Hey everyone....hopefully I am soon to be moving into yet another chapter of my life.

    Since I am unable to find the staff I need, plus the time to manage them all, I am going to clear out all my game sites, game domains, and layouts based around them.

    The Sites:
    UltraGaming (including all content and the aurora CMS backend)

    Blades of Warcraft

    Gamers Post Network

    I will also be including some layouts. Not all have previews.

    Xbox Site:

    Starcraft Ghost Site:

    Final Fantasy 2(us) Site:

    Started UT 2003 Site:

    Gaming Site (Blizzard oriented)

    Computer Business Site:

    Start of Doom 3 Site:

    A music/movies site:
    Sample is on the Portfolio page of Design Alpha(the grey/gold one)

    Misc. Stuff:
    Multiple PSD's to go with UltraGaming and the Blades of Warcraft site.
    1 button set for an older IBF skin not re-made since UG changed.
    The old blue design for UltraGaming 2.0 in PSD format.

    All in all there are probably close to 40 PSD files that will be included, the domains, and the 3 sites. Hundreded of gif/jpgs will also be included.

    UltraGaming has been owned by me for well over 4 years. was new, it was to be the new home of a site that was built from a subdomain of Ultragaming ( and GamersPost was to become a collaboration between mutliple in network sites and a few external as a large forum base to share.

    I will probably not sell out unless offers exceed $1,000.00+ USD or more. If the buyer needs hosting I am willing to do custom discounted pricing from my hosting services as well.

    Willing to negotiate and discuss things. Please us email or PM as I do not have a set schedule for phone conversations. Phone conversations can be arranged if a buyer feel the need to personally discuss things. I feel email or PM should suffice though.

    A few key points that might want to be known. Nothing is incorperated(SP, LLC, INC. etc.). The sites content comes with the sites, but there is essentially no staff at this point and everyone was a volunteer.

    Thanks in advance.

    Payment Methods I will accept:
    Certified Check, Money Order, Wire Transfer, Pay Pal.

    I would like to have all offers by June 15th 2004. After that it will be negotiated with highest bidding parties for the sale or the sale will be cancelled.

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    Sorry I typed the domain for the Warcraft site wrong.

    If an admin could fix that...

    The correct URL is

    Was thinking of the sites name when I typed the URL my appologies.

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    Im really not interested in selling them individually unless there is interest in each of them, but if I did sell UG that would be the most expensive $500.00 is likely the least I would accept for it alone.

    currently it generates maybe $2.50 a month from google ad words.

    In the past it pulled in between 50-100 a month from various sources. referrals, gift certificates from a few ad companies like Vivendi Universal, a few companies paid for advertising on the site (these were hit an miss no one to really mention). Along with common revenue streams like Google making around $15.00 or more a month.

    Also we had some PR contacts and would get free games each month.

    All in all on a good month it was close to $300.00. Howerver, since my time is limited and dedicated volunteer staff are in short supply that personally is no longer attainable.

    Hope that answers all your questions.

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