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    * The Market for Jobs, Services, Design, hosting and so on..........

    Just thought I'd start a thread to see what people think, and hopefully this can be a thread with 100 replies and thats cripling the database. (just kidding). Im not so much looking for your dark secret tricks of the trade but rather stories and encouragement.

    But anyways, what I kinda am woundering are a couple things:

    As far as hosting goes:
    *What are good methods to reach the local customers and possibly internet users? Like people earlier mentioned stuff like cold calling in other threads but also how does joe schmoe get that contract. Also how do you advertise on the net some people to me have told me google adwords all the way or no way.
    *Everyone needs hosting to some extent (some of the local buissnesses... and corperate people prolly want a site. How is the best way to get up on there radar? This could be a repeat of my last question but oh well.

    *Im no genious at this and a few on the board would tell me its true, but I know enough tricks to get around...

    The Meat....
    *Like I dont know but I've been doing computers since DOS (not denial of service but the disk OS)... Its like theres this pounce of people on the bandwagon. Money, money, money... (can I please just have my job back please and be left alone)
    *I got a chance this summer to declare my major more boldly too so, someone told me to be a plubmer and forget the scenario
    *Ill prolly post more, gotta eat

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    local users? go knock down some doors. I used to sell alarm systems a few years back, we'd canvas an area, and have a small group knock on every single door. Take some business cards and some literature. Ask for the owner/manager, look for small mom/pop shops no corporate stuff. Get a sales pitch together, ask probing questions about interest in the internet. be happy, energetic, and courteous, especially if they say no. If they say no, ask to leave some cards, you never know the stores customers may be interested. I'd never cold call, especially with the scams/do not call lists/etc. Be value added also, probe about special needs... perhaps online billing, like a video rental store, create an online store with the option to check store availibility. It's up to your imagination. Think of it this way.... "do as to others and you'd have them do unto you" sounds familiar right? Well if YOU were a customer of that shop, and the shop had an internet presence, what would you like to see? That's your #1 selling point.

    if theirs no market in your area, get out there and create one. This isn't easy work, and will take 12+ hours a day for a while until you start to grow. I have a few businesses other than hosting, I mainly do the hosting for fun (although it's not fun all the time). A lot of my users BS with me on AIM at times for no apparent reason other to say hi. If you want the business, you'll have to hit the streets determined. I've done door to door sales and although it's rough, you learn a lot about people, and selling. Face to face is tough, especially unsolicited. If you can get the guy/girl to start to think of wonderful posibilities... you have your foot in the door.

    Go buy Donald Trumps book "How to Get Rich" and before you ask no its not a get rich scheme type book, but a very good read about business in general. While your at it, get his other books too

    that'll get the ideas flowing
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    thanks for the input there joekushner! i gotta figure out some more networking.................... this doar to doar stuff hasnt taken hold just yet but...
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    networking is easy.... talk to everyone you run into. grocery store, gas station, etc... toss em a card It'll eventually pan out
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    or maybe my problem is you dont see everyone tossin biz cards around thanks -g
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    I think it helps to have a compelling story to tell.

    What's your response when they say:
    "No thanks, I already have a website I'm happy with."

    If you have nothing more to offer than all other hosts, you may be stuck. Which means, keep walkin' to the next door.

    But what about this....

    (g)ilbert: "Of course. Everyone who wants a website, has one. Even all your competitors have websites. If I may ask, when was the last time you changed your website?"

    (p)rospect: "Change it? Cost me a bundle to get it in the first place. I'm not paying them again to change it - ever."

    (g): "I know exactly what you mean. That's one of the flaws of the web that no one told you about before they started taking your money. People like yourself all over are in your situation. Trouble is, the people you want to communicate with online, aren't impressed by a website that never changes. They won't come back again and again because their's no reason to. A few people may stumble by you by accident, but there just as likely to find any of your competitors first. Not good. It costs so much money because it takes computer experts to do anything with a website.

    (p): "yeah, and they charge too much"

    (g): "If I could show a way you could communicate with your audience online directly from your PC to theirs - not an old-fashioned email, not a 1 at a time instant message, but actual publishing -better than a website- that you can do from your PC to theirs, so when it's time for them to do business again, they of course think of you because *you've* been visible to them all along... is that something that would make you more money?"

    (p): "I don't know. I'm no good with computers. It sounds hard. "

    (g): "The web is hard because it was made by a programmer *for* programmers to use. Well, Phooey on that! There's a brand new way to publish that doesn't even require your audience to visit a "website" .. everything you type appears on their computers - using the same software program I'm going to show you right here on my laptop. "

    (p): "okay. show me"

    (g): "Let's click here to start something new... here's where your name goes, your business name and let's see... a catchy slogan so people will want to select you from the Library ... what phrases and slogans do you use in your marketing?

    (p): "I'm the best, just ask me" ;-)

    (g): "Okay... that'll work... "
    type, type, type

    (g): "Okay... now if you could whisper something in one of your customers ears who hasn't done business with your in 3 months... what would it be?"

    (p): "Get your butt back in my shop"

    (g): "ummm... why should they come back?"

    (p): blah.. blah

    (g): "Perfect... "
    type, type, type

    (g): "Any specials? any sales going on now?"

    (p): "Well, my #@$! supplier messed up my order and sent me 5 extra <blah blahs> I don't usually sell that many in two months and I don't want to carry the inventory - and it's going to cost *me* to send 'em back. " grrrr

    (g): "How about a special... watch this.. right from your PC to theirs."
    type, type..
    Sudden overshipment. (not kidding. I'm fuming).
    I have 5 <blahs> I gotta sell quickly.
    Normal price $495. Special price for these 5 only... $445."

    (p): "Giving away the store???"

    (g): "umm, sorry.. is that enough margin?"

    (p): "Yes, just kidding. If I can sell 5 for that price, I'll be very happy."

    (g): "Okay good"

    (p): "But it doesn't really sound like an ad. My wife would kill me if I said that in an ad - even though *I* would."

    (g): "EXACTLY. An ad is impersonal, empty, rhetorical, BS from you to a nameless, faceless, anonymous public. This is more like you talking directly to your loyal customers from your pc to theirs."

    (p): "And all my customers will see this today?"

    (g): "If wishing made it so... Truth is NONE of your customers have this new software on their PC today. It's that new. But they will get it because WE are going to tell them all about it on your new website and they are going to benefit from communication with you.. not just about specials and deals, but everyday stuff.

    (p): "Like what?"

    (g): I bet in 10 minutes we could make a list of 10 things you know that all your customers should know or do relating to your business... but they don't."

    (p): "10? won't take me 2 minutes. Start typing."

    (g): lol.. "Okay, shoot."
    type, type, type, type, type, type

    (p): "Okay now what?"

    (g): "Well, ya know how when you go to a website you see a webpage and it's a bunch of text and some pictures... and it's exactly the same everytime."

    (p): "Right, like mine that cost me too much money..grrrr"

    (g): "Exactly, watch this. Since it's really not such a good strategy to give ANYONE *10* things to do or remember... I mean geesh.. no one is going to absorb all that, it's nuts. Instead of that, watch what we do.... <type> <type> we put DATES into here when we want each of those 10 things to appear. "

    (p): "wow"

    (g): "I told you it wasn't an an old-fashioned website. So now, every 3 days, a different little helpful tip from <prospect name> appears automatically on your customer's PC. In just a few minutes, we made something that's going to not only appear to your customers, but also change.. all automatically - for a month. "

    (p): "I gotta call my wife. She's going to be all over this."

    (g): "So will everyone soon. This is *the* new way to communicate on the Internet and I'm the only Internet host in town with this service. "

    <call to wife...yada-yada>

    (p): "She wants to know what it costs"

    (g): "How much do you pay per month for your website? I want all your business. I'm your man."

    (p): "Not sure.. but we'll look it up. I like this alot. I can do this. Even she can do this..... oh sorry, honey, but you gotta get in here to see this software"

    (g): "Excellent. I tell you what. Let's put the program on your PC - I have a CD right here - so your customers can even see it running.

    (p): "Good idea.. but they can't get it yet, right, because my website is still with the old-fashioned guys?"

    (g): "Actually, that's not right. Tell you what I can do. I know we can work out the details, I'll make a handful of CDs right here from my laptop.... and you can give them away to your customers right here from your counter. They pop the CD in their PC (sorry, no MAC) and it will load up and your words - that we just typed up - will be there for them everytime their screensaver kicks in.
    Simple as that. "

    (p): "Incredible"

    (g): "Everyone is going to want this"

    (p): "What's it called?"

    (g): " Remember how I kept saying 'Phooey on that' .. well, everyone is going to want ... FUI Software and it's available at "

    (p): lol "Perfect. Did you invent this?"

    (g): "No, but I know the person who did. I met him online and once I saw it, I got on board immediately so I could have this conversation with a lot of other people."

    (p): "I know a bunch"

    (g): "I love referrals. Thanks. There's a spot right on this quote sheet for some names and numbers..."


    or, you could just knock on the next door looking for someone without a website who wants one.


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