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    cpanel newbie help

    i'm new to cpanel and i'm trying to figure out how to do something.

    you can transfer shared accounts from serer to server, but what about reseller accounts? for in a example, if on host a on server 1 has a resller account and wants to move to server 2 on host b , how can all their reseller accounts be transferred from host a to host b? i heard this isn't possible, surely there must be a way. i've done a search and wasn't able to find nothing.

    thanks for helping me out, i want to learn cpanel before actually using it

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    You can use the multiple account transfer function in the later versions of cPanel to grab a list of all a reseller's accounts as well as their packages.

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    In order to do this via the Multiple Account Transfer tool, you will need root access to the server which the reseller account currently resides on.

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    Or if you are the reseller, you can generate full backups of each account and send these to the new host to be recreated.
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    easiest way is root multiple transfers.

    just make sure your new host re-give you reseller status to access WMH otherwise ur account will be regular account.
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