I have Webalizer installed through cPanel on a dedicated server running RHE 3.0. Something happened in May, and the stats stopped updating for about 10 days, then started again on May 30th, and have been fine since then. Because of this, my Webalizer stats for May are incomplete, with a gap from 5/19 to 5/29. I really need accurate numbers. I still have the raw access log for May. Is there any way for me to get Webalizer to process the missing days without screwing up anything else, so that the Webalizer stats for the year that I access via cPanel will be complete and accurate? I'm afraid to do anything that may screw up the May numbers further, or mess up the June stats. I'm kind of a dummy/newbie when it comes to Webalizer and server administration in general, so please address me accordingly.