I'm starting a new online project that requires some coding work done. Currently I have a blank slate, and am open to suggestions. I also have no (or a very very small) budget. The site can make money, and will draw traffic, if designed right.

What I am looking for is 1 person that is able to code the site, and put it together. The graphics and html work can be done on my side. I'm looking for someone in for the long haul, and we can split income from the site.

I'm being very vague right now and I'm sorry.

Here's what I want:
-Link engine (like a search engine, but only the links that are added by the site)
-Cross-script registration (allowing for registration on the forums, and that will carry to the rest of the site)

What I have:
-MySQL, SQL Server 2000

Remember, this isn't a paying job (up front), just looking for someone to help build the site, and keep with the site drawing on whatever it makes.

PM me if you are interested.