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    Need good server in tx datacenter

    I am looking for a good dedicated server in Texas, something in the 50-80$ price ranges, anyone here know a site or someone you can refer me to?
    (edit 50 to 100)

    The specs I am looking for are
    512 Ram
    1000 bw
    Cpanel,or Plesk 7 (cpanel preferred)
    Possible Windows server 2003 ( i know this might now be possible with the price range i am looking at) redhat or freebsd

    Thanks in advance
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    Somewhat of a low price for that system + a control panel. If you want a "good" dedicated provider you may want to try bump up your budget a bit more.

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    bump your budget to about $100 - 125, and you'll find a more providers available to you.

    Try HostQuote

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    I thought you couldn't run CPanel on Windows 2003...

    If you wanted to shell out $299 setup, you could go with ServerMatrix:

    Server Configuration
    Server: Super Server 2.4 GHz - Setup: $299.00 - Monthly Fee: $79.00
    Primary HDD: 80GB Hard Drive
    Secondary HDD: None
    RAM: 512 MB RAM
    Number of ips: 5 IP Addresses
    Bandwidth: 1200 GB Bandwidth
    Uplink Port Speed: 10 Mbps Uplink
    Web Analytics: None
    Database: None
    Backup Service: None
    Operating System: Windows Server 2003, Standard
    Server Management Plan: None
    Floodguard: None
    Control Panel: None
    Firewall: None
    Promotional Code:
    Special Requests or Comments:

    Number of servers: 1

    Monthly Charge: $79
    Monthly Charge Sales Tax will be added for Texas residents
    Pro-rated Monthly Charge (the rest of June starting tomorrow): $71.10

    Or, drop Windows 2003, put on CPanel and use "WHT" for their current promotion (which I think is still going on) and get the control panel for free.

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    Wow thanks , ya forgot about cpanel isnt yet availible for win 2003, ill check it out

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