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    Beware Of Ikobo!!!

    I have 2 terrible incidents with Ikobo

    First time I used Ikobo, I sent money to Phillippines 3 wks. prior to Christmas. Their website say 3 to 5 business days. My brother did not receive the iKard they promised before Xmas and it took them another 2 weeks after Xmas before he received it. In other words, he had no money for Xmas because of their delays and on top of that, I called them many times and would not even respond back. If you call them, it is very difficult to get a hold of anyone there. Then, their Chat site never ever worked!!!

    The next incident, in order for them to raise the sending limit say to $3,000 you have to send them very very sensitive information such as, passport, drivers license, SS#, Birt Cert., and Utility Bill. This is very scary because that means they know more about you now. PayPal never ask for any of this information – unfortunately, Paypal failed to send the debit card to this sub-contractor that is why we were desperate to use Ikobo right away. Remember, Ikobo is an Indian company – you are basically dealing with a third world country. I lost $1,000 dollars sending money through UPS to India before. I now wish I did not send Ikobo any of our sensitive information especially since they have terrible service! Be careful!!!!

    The second incident is one of our sub-contractor is visiting US. We wanted to pay him through Ikobo so that he receives his ikard here while travelling. He of course, doesn't want to open up a bank acct. here because he needs US ss#. All of a sudden, ikobo blocked our acct. for sending for someone here in vegas. The most frustrating of all is I called many times and again I can't get a hold of someone there, as usual their chat room doesn't work. A week later someone finally e-mailed me with a short and cold response... "Why are sending money to someone who lives in the same area?" So, I e-mailed back and explained about the sub-contractor travelling." That was May 25th and it is now June 2nd I still haven't heard from them. So, again, I called them up patiently 3 times as nobody ever answer the phone. Unless, you wait for a long time, their line sounds like they have cut you off. I patiently waited and waited as I was determined to solve this issue. Then, I finally talked to a Daniel and asked me all the security questions. I have told him that he can call our banker to verify who we are. So, then he said he will remove the block on our account. I noticed he did remove the block so, when I tried to send money all of a sudden “ACCOUNT IS BLOCKED!”

    I say, if you can find other ways to send money do it. Don’t use IKOBO. If you hear anything good about Ikobo in the internet, believe me I found they have been spamming the bulletin boards to say good things about their own organization.

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    I understand your problems with Ikobo but there is no need to bash third world countries because of one company's bad reputation

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    i found out that they are an indian company but looks like run by nigerians. I am sure you know the horror stories about this country. I have had only but bad experiences so far with them and unfortunately, I did give them very sensitive information. I did lose $1,000 dollars when I sent money there via UPS and now this. If you have the experience I have so far with these people, you will probably say the say thing.

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    Are you sure iKobo is not based in the U.S.? I know for certain that they have at least a U.S. office in Atlanta, GA since I've spoken to the folks there who -appear- to be the folks running it.

    I could certainly be incorrect - but I did do a WHOIS lookup and tracked down a US phone # for them in GA and the staff there seemed reasonably quick to respond.

    Their support seems to have gotten a little bit better lately. It seems if you can get them on the phone, things can get done. However, their online chat support wasn't very helpful and when we first started with them - ouch... it was quite frustrating on the customer service side.

    I think iKobo is fine if you are making regular payments to the same individuals on a scheduled basis. However, if you are using it for a system for accepting payments in general, it could be very difficult due to the documentation requirements from customers and I could see many customers becoming very frustrated, quite quickly. - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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    Their offices are from US and i guess all the 'bosses' are from US, Atlanta as well.
    And yes, their support is a nightmare lately.


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