I'm working on moving a client onto my server and I've run into problems with his SSL certificate. His Verisign CA certificate expired in January 2004. The problem and its cause are detailed on the Verisign site, but I'm apparently not allowed to post URLs in this forum...the curse of being new. Remove spaces from the following lines to see the link:
searchsupport .verisign .com/content/kb/vs5781.html
They even have a suggested solution here:
www .verisign. com/support/site/caReplacement.htm

I don't have anything that looks remotely similar to the directory structure they're talking about there. I've used Plesk to install the certificate, and that went fine. I was able to upload the files that the client sent me from his old server and create the certificate. Plesk, however, stores the certificates in a format that I don't understand. Can someone show me the light on how to solve this problem?