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    converting running server to software raid

    I ordered a new server:
    /dev/sda1 - boot
    /dev/sda2 - root

    now I am adding a second drive /dev/sdb with the exact same specs.

    can I create 100% software raid on that - boot + root, everything as software RAID1, server is remotely managed.

    I know how to make a raid for the root partition but I didn't find any solution so far to make the whole disk (all partitions) to software raid without copying the OS back and forth and/or having access to the server, any hints would be welcome!

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    i have done it 100 times but always had to boot into rescue mode with a Redhat system. I really don't think there is a way to do it without rebooting.

    If you plan on rebooting then take a look at this

    its the guide i followed when i first did it. Its pretty easy.. I have never lost any data.. software raid will find the larger disk and sync just fine

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