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    My experience so far with ModernAuthorize and E-OnlineData

    Well, I thought I might post a quick review of my experience so far with E-OnlineData / ModernAuthorize, in hopes some people might find it a bit useful.

    I signed up with ModernAuthorize, which used E-OnlineData as my merchant, and as my gateway. Almost immediately, E-OnlineData sent me an e-mail, detailing what I needed to fax back to them in order to get my merchant account up and running. Pretty basic stuff. I then faxed in all the information that was detailed in my welcome e-mail. The next business day I received an e-mail from E-OnlineData saying I needed to fax in the WHOLE welcome e-mail, not just the "Schedule of Fee's" No where in the welcome e-mail did it say I needed to fax in the first page of useless information. The woman, who told me this, also told me I did not need to resend in a voided check, since they already had one. So I went ahead and re-faxed in the entire welcome e-mail as requested. I was then e-mailed back by a different person from the same company saying that I needed to send in another voided check, and am now being asked to scan and e-mail a copy of my drivers license. (This is all the next day by the way) I was never told I needed to do this, I respond, now a bit aggravated that it is taking this long to get my merchant account up and running, asking them if they were purposely prolonging this process for some odd reason, because it was starting to get ridiculous. They should have just told me they needed all this information in the beginning, and it would have made things alot easier.. Well I then scanned and e-mailed my drivers license, and waited another 24 hours. No response.

    Today I just called the west coast office of e-onlinedata, basically to tell them that I needed this thing up NOW, and was tired of all the sidestepping that seemed to be going on lately. When I called, I got a guy named Sloan on the other end of the phone. I talked to him for less then five minutes about the situation. He was EXTREMELY professional and courteous. He said that E-OnlineData is switching some provider they are using for something, and it has been a bit of a hassle, so they're having to adapt to this new system, and it's been a hardship coordinating everyone to work with the new system. He then told me he would talk to the other two people I've been dealing with over e-mails, and call me back in 20 minutes or less. In less then 10 minutes I receive a call back from Sloan, saying everything has been taken care of, and my account is now "Active" and that I should be receiving my login information from Authorize.Net within a half an hour or so. I couldn't believe how easy all this could be taken care of when you talk to the right person.

    In closing, it seems that E-OnlineData is going through a bit of a change right now. But it seems valid that they can't avoid some problems, and it is always hard when a big company like that changes their order of operations so to speak. As of right now, I would recommend them as a provider. But personally, I would try to wait to signup with them at least until it seems like they have the kinks of this new system worked out, and things will run a bit smoother. But I can't speak highly enough for Sloan. He explained everything that was going on in a very non-condescending way, and was extremely helpful and FAST in getting this thing setup.

    I hope this helps some of you decide if E-OnlineData is right for you.

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    Sloan is great when you can get in touch with him. He got us credited for most of e-onlinedata's mistakes over the couple of months we were with them. However, even if they were going through the same changes 3 months ago, I can not believe a company can make so many mistakes in so short a time. Maybe I'd have given them longer to sort it out except that some of those mistakes badly hurt our rep with a number of our customers.

    Oh, be sure to keep a close eye on your statements.

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