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    why is overselling bad?

    I am considering getting a hosting account with hostprince or enitiyhosting but others have warned me that they may be overselling. What is the problem with overselling? I understand the concept, but don't I get my space and bandwidth no matter what?

    Please enlighten me.

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    The problem is if everyone on the server actually uses most of their space or bandwidth then the server can be slow and of course you could run out of space. However the host could also get another server and move some accounts if it starts getting to full. Still not a great thing to do. Hope this helps.
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    Most people will oversell BUT extreme overselling is not good. If you are overselling and all of the sudden all ofyour clients use their space you could be in trouble.

    Overselling Bandwidth is not too bad because you can always get more easily but if you oversell hard disk space you would need another server or another hard disk.
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    The danger with overselling is in the fact that if the situation is not properly monitored and maintained, things can get very bad in terms of server performance. You're looking at loads of clients all on the very same server that you used - those clients are also promised the same amount of space and transfer as you are even though the server might be able to handle only a percent of what was actually sold.

    As you can see, if people start using everything - there won't be enough.

    Think of it as a very bad loan company, they form with x amount of money and then begin to loan out much more than they have (say 3x). Sooner or later they'll be deep into trouble because they've given more than they have. I know it's probably not the best analogy that you've heard, but you get where I am going with it.

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    Thanks guys, I get the picture.

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    It's selling something you don't really have, if you do it to a point where you don't run out of stuff it's ok but if you run out, it's bad. Think of an all you can eat buffet if like a buncha big bikers roll in who can like, eat a LOT and they eat a lot and the buffet runs out of food so the bikers get pissed and smash up the place, that's overselling. Sure it's safe enough until you're invaded by a bunch of hungry bikers! Everyone does it to a POINT but the point is not to be so stupid about it you won't even have enough food for a group of light eaters to eat their fill.
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    Overselling is fine as long as the host is on top of the game. As others here have already noted, it gets dangerous especially if someone starts using a lot of bandwidth ... guess what a host who oversells extremely will do, have to do? Yes, cancel the account. A good host will transfer your account to another server, and you might not even notice .... but a real good host will not oversell too extreme in any case. Keeping customers is better than getting new ones while loosing old ones. And as a host you don't want to have those customers who go for the big bang in any case.

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