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    Question Any1 Know How To Edit X-cart Sites?????????

    i got a x-cart site and i got ALOT of ideas for my site but i dont know how 2 do ALOT of them because im lost. does any1 know how to edit a x-cart site???????

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    X-Cart is CSS driven, edit the style sheets.

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    u got aim?

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    Guys, be very wary about this person. They don't have a valid username/password for the helpdesk system (apparantly it didn't come with it). So I'd advise against helping him/her out as they MAY be using a dodgy copy.

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    LOL i paid som1 of THIS forum 2 do the site he said he was going to do it with x-carts. now this man is blaming me for sum dumb stuff.

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