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    Web Designer / Developer - Looking for work

    I am a web designer/developer looking for some freelance work and/or a job for the summer season.

    PHP: 3 years experience
    MySQL: 3 years experience
    HTML/CSS: 5 years experience
    Web design: 3 years experience
    PocketC: 1 year experience (This is a form of the C programming language made for PalmOS)

    You can see some of my works at the following adress:

    You can contact me at any of the following places:

    Email: [email protected]
    MSN: [email protected]
    AIM: TenchiWs

    Thank you for looking, hope to see you needing some assistance from me.
    Web -
    Contact - [ AOL: WiredPrg ; YIM: wiredprogramming ; MSN: msn[at] ]

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    am looking for web designer so they can add there work on if your up for the job email me at [email protected] or for msn :[email protected]

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