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    What questions would you ask a colocation facility

    We will soon be investigating various colocations facilities in order to stick a full rack of 1u p4 2.8ghz machines.

    What questions would you ask a colocation facility?


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    How many power feeds?
    How much fuel?
    What kind of power?
    Is it in a flood zone? Hurricane evacuation zone?
    How much concrete is in the building.
    What is the reliability of the IP and the redundancy set up?
    Who has the keys? Who can come and go?
    Are you open 24/7 365 even holidays?
    How do I ship equipment?
    What if I need a server re-booted?

    Questions like that maybe?

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    Which providers are in the facility already?
    Where will your servers be kept in the facility?
    Is there room to expand if necessary?

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    Here are a few more...

    What kind of climate control do you have?
    If in California... do you have siesmic bracing?
    Will my Servers be mounted in a 2 or 4 post open rack or cabinet, or will they be in a secured cabinet?
    Do you have redundant routers?
    Are you running BGP?

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    Do you do weddings?
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    How long have they been in business?

    Do they have there own ips?

    Do they do there own routing, if so what type of gear do they use, i would ask to see it.

    Do they outsource there networking needs, or is it done in house?

    At what capacity are there lines at, how easy is it to upgrade?

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    Questions for colos

    I would also ask them about how they deal with spam. If someone in the facility spams, your IP addresses can be blocked and cause a huge problem.

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    Here's an old thread I posted to discuss some problems with bargain co-lo shops who lump customers into shared vlans. If your provider wants to put you on a shared vlan, tell them that's unacceptable.
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    As a guess, when you ask any question to the Data Center you are going to probably talk to a sales person and he is probably going to answer the question in favor of the Data Center.

    All the suggested questions in this thread are great.

    I would only suggest that you also ask the questions on the Data Centers “Forums” that you are considering placing a server with. If the Data Center does not have a forum or has under 500 registered members than that also tells you something.

    Of course the WHT search button goes a long ways.

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    500 members??? yeah that doesnt seem like to good of a gauge to me there music.. also, forums are not typical of mosts hosts.. just budget hosts.

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