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    Please recommend a news CMS

    I need to setup a news website for a customer, but I can't decide on what CMS to use. It can be free-open source or commercial (below $100). It must be news specialized, easy to customized, good functionality, scalable (the CMS should serve well at around 100,000 page views per day) and is prefereably PHP&MySQL.
    So far I found only ezPublish which seem close to my need. But I don't have any experience with any CMS so far, so I am not sure if that's the correct choice.
    Please give me some suggestion.

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    Try coranto, its back in development.

    Its free, simple and pretty flexible. Not great for huge articles on separate pages but ideal for news. Lots of addons to.

    We have had it running in the past with over 1 million inpressions in a day without a glitch.


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