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    380,000 domains hosted? Really?

    Greetings: states that over 380,000 domains are hosted. reports less than 1,500

    Where are the other 378,500+ domains hosted?

    Thank you.
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    on different name servers

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    including the one hosted over the germany side too.
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    Hi dynamicnet,

    Any company whose users primarily use different name servers from the company's name servers (this includes reseller, dedicated, and/or colocation companies) is going to have inaccurate numbers on

    Aussie Bob mentioned this recently about HTTPMe; since their users are 100% resellers and the vast majority of their resellers use custom name servers, their picture is pretty inaccurate.

    Ours is too; if you look at, you'll see only the domain names we own, since we use different name servers even for our virtual hosting customers. If you know the name servers we use for our virtual hosting customers, reports 578 domains, which is somewhat more accurate. However, we actually host over 1500 virtual hosting/reseller domain names, and many thousands more between our dedicated and colocation customers.

    In short, any hosting business whose primary business relies on customers having their own name servers will not have an accurate picture on
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    Originally posted by Tux-e-do
    on different name servers

    What Simpli-Erica said too! Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    Thank you all for helping me to understand.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    Is there a way to prevent the tool from searching your site? Try checking I wonder what technique they are using.

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    kind of wounder as to where people get these stats
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    DNS reverse IP lookups can tell how many domains are on one DNS server.

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    says 6,500 dedicated server

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    Originally posted by Intersabre
    Is there a way to prevent the tool from searching your site? Try checking I wonder what technique they are using.
    They don't search your site. As maxdf said, they do a reverse DNS lookup on nameservers using your domain name. Most likely hostnexus' nameservers are on a different domain.
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    If you want to get a completely different view, "invest" in a netcraft report. They use name server, IP, ARIN CIDR Block and AS.
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    Sorry, I meant prevent the bot from doing a DNS lookup. should have at least 1 site - their corporate one. A WHOIS search revealed this:

    Name Servers:

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    I guess we aren't special enough to be listed.
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    Maybe you can enlighten them that you are alive! and they will search and index your site
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