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    Advanced PHP/mysql coder needed....

    I am in need of an ADVANCED PHP/mysql coder, with examples of previous work. I need a spider done, one that will search and extract information from a particular site, place it in an updatable mysql database on my own site, and then display that information, and integrate it into a script i will already have, plus a few other little things within the site.... I am no cheapskate, i'm not expecting this to be the cheapest thing in the world. I do however expect quality results though. Please contact me if you feel you can handle the job. Thank you!

    - Ryan

    Oh i forgot to mention one thing... I would like it if the person i chose to do this job was around for a while, so that in the future I can have changes made when necessary. IE: Please nobody who is going to do the script and disappear never to be heard of again. And of course i would pay for edits also.
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    e-mail sent! Hope to hear back from you soon.

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    Smile I am interested.

    Hello Ryan,

    I am interested in getting more details on the script and the program you need. So please send details on

    For more details please visit


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    Re: Advanced PHP/mysql coder needed....

    Hello I have been doing some spiders for some download´s pages and news´s page.
    They update the data bases of this site every day with the latest news and programs...
    If you want send me more information about the site that you want to explore....

    See you

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    If you could, PM or email (chris [at] me any additional details.

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    Sure send us the details
    Chris, Developer/Programmer,
    Php laravel developers,
    Ruby on Rails developers,

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