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    Nameserver's and IPs


    Could someone confirm whether the following would work:

    What I am trying to do is to setup a server running apache and a few other bits and peics e.g. a ftp server, mail server etc

    The mandrake server is running of a router which has the internet attached to it.

    The IP address of the server is

    If I look in the router it has:

    Domain Name Server 62.30.***.39

    Would these last two IP's work to use for nameserver IPs?



    P.S. If not is it impossible for you to have your own nameservers ona home machine!

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    If your router is able to resolve names using those nameservers, then any servers running behind the router will probably be able to do so as well. I'm not sure what you're asking.

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    The router says under Internet Port:

    Domain Name Server 62.30.***.39

    (There the IP's with started out numbers)

    But my router is a fairly simple netgear one and has no mention of nameservers.

    Would these work as for nameserver IPs?

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    There are two types of nameservers (also called DNS servers):

    Resolvers or caches get DNS requests from client machines and go out and track down the answers. This is the type of server whose IP you enter in the Windows Network Control Panel, /etc/resolv.conf, or in your NetGear router.

    Authoritative servers publish information (like " is at") and answer requests from resolvers. These servers are only useful to you if you own your own domain.

    To provide your server with basic Internet connectivity, you need to configure it with the IP addresses of one or more resolvers, which will typically be provided by your ISP.

    If you are planning to host domains on your server, you will need to set up your own authoritative server(s) or get someone else to host your DNS information for you.

    See djb's introduction or DNS and BIND, 4th Edition for explanations of how DNS works.

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