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    McAfee Internet Security Suite 6.0 vs Panda Software Internet Security

    Hey folks,

    Ok - recently there was a question in regards to McAfee Internet Security Suite 6.0, and all the posts that actually commented on McAfee said it was petty good - better than Norton even.

    I'm planning to purchase a new Internet Security program, however am deciding between Norton Internet Security, McAfee Internet Security Suite and Panda Software Internet Security.

    I've read reviews on both Norton and McAfee, those who use McAfee say that Norton is terrible, and lots of Norton users haven't used McAfee, yet some have and say that McAfee is terrible.

    The above two links go to the information pages in regards to McAfee and Panda Software; I'm not sure as to which I should purchase, however am thinking that this time I should give Norton a miss and try either McAfee or Panda.

    Any thoughts regards the two is much appreciated. (Very much so in comparing the two programs if anyone has used both)


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    McAfee Internet Security. every one i know hates and makes fun of Norton Internet Security and loves McAfee Internet Security. to me it's just a mater of preference.
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