Looking for a phone system for your small web hosting business? Well, Talkswitch is for you! This phone system is specifically designed for the unique needs of a small business, even a businesses run out of your home. We sell Talkswitch 24 and Talkswitch 48 systems. Provide large company functionality, and make your company sound like a large professional business. You can reach us at 877-774-1521.

Click Here for information about these systems from our company, and, Click Here for the manufacturer web site. Talkswitch is a marvelous system, nothing else like it. We sell the complete product, from long distance, to toll free numbers, to Voice over IP, advertising or messaging on hold, etc.

One the most outstanding and powerful features of Talkswitch small business phone system is the call cascade features. This is pretty unique to Talkswitch, and can be a huge benefit to the small business customer. Call cascade allows you to route calls based on conditions like phone busy, not answered, etc. Many phone systems have such features, but, only one level deep. You can make this much more sophisticated with Talkswitch. For example, maybe you want a option to route a call directly to your "sales team", which is you for the most part. You can configure the system to send the call to you, and, if you are already on the phone, instead, send the call to a different extension. If it turns out that extension is busy, maybe you want to play a message telling the customer all sales team members are currently busy on other calls, and queue the call so that when you are off the current call, you can then take their call. Or, maybe you want to route the call to a cell phone if you do not answer your regular phone line. Many small businesses have mobile workers, and this can be a huge advantage. The possiblities are virtually endless with what you can do with call cascade on the Talkswitch!

Another nice feature of the Talkswitch is mode switching. By day of the week, you can tell the phone system what your operating hours are. So, maybe at 6PM on Mondays, you switch to a different mode. Most all features can be set by mode. So, maybe at night, what the system does is completely different than what is done during the work day. For example, at night, typically you route people to a general mailbox. However, maybe you do have some urgent support calls as well. You can set up an option for those urgent calls, and have the Talkswitch send you a page, maybe call your cell phone, or, maybe call you at home. Or, all of the above. Since the mode switching is automatic, this means you do not have to remember to change any option before you go home. This is very powerful for the small business and home based business (SOHO)!

If you run multiple small businesses, there are ways to separate out calls from one business or the other. This can be done via ring patterns. Business A might be a normal ring, and business B might be 3 rings. In that way, you can easily tell which business was being called. Each small business can have their own menus and options. Again, you will find the Talkswitch very flexible in this respect. We like using ring patterns as you can know what busines is being called without even looking at any phone.

If you have remote workers, really remote, you might also consider VOIP. This is very common today with virtual companies, small businesses today are not as rigidly organized and locally located. Our Centrepoint Talkswitch VOIP solutions can enable a remote worker, perhaps in another state or country, to have a phone, and be connected to the Talkswitch system over the internet. They have virtually full functionality of the main phone system, plus, they can even have their own functioning voice mail light! This remote worker could even call bridge and place an outgoing call from the main pbx system, just like they were in the office. Dialing or contacting the remote worker is as easy as dialing any other extension, and, they can be part of call cascade or auto attendant options. Once you purchase the VOIP equipment, calls are free to that remote worker or office!

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