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    Question would a forum be a good investment?

    i have a great health site that I'm trying to market. it has been on-line for 10 years now and it just went from the first listing on it's # 1 keyword to the third page on google. well anyway I'm wondering if making a health related forum would be a good way to get targeted traffic? something like would it be a good investment? time wise if i market it heavily how long will it take to start getting targeted hits? thanks in advance for your replies.
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    Of course. A friend of mine specializes in health related content and it has always been one of the top topics online.

    I think a forum would attract more visitors and will make them come back, so it is definitely a great investment. Plus, when something goes wrong, there is just no other way than to change your business, innovate it.

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    thanks for the input!
    i think i'll go do it.
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