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    I am using server and have tried both FileZilla and SmartFTP. Same thing happens, trying to get this 'Fusion News' program to work and install. So I did what they said, uploaded everything ok...then it tells me to CHMOD the files and folders to 777, so I right clicked the files and folders and went to File attributes and changed it to 777, it tells me this "502 'SITE' not implemented" but at the very end it says Directory Listing Successful. When I right click it again and look at its CHMOD properties it only has 644 there and not the 777. What am I doing wrong?

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    "502 SITE not implemented" means that the SITE command which your FTP programs are trying to use isn't supported by's FTP servers.

    Essentially, you can't chmod the files. Try contacting and asking them if they can do it for you.

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    thank you Alan, I thought it might be angelfire, thats ok, I will wait 1 week till I get my better webhosting server.

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