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    TYPO Domains package 2 domains 6000-9000 type-ins-only per month


    I got 2 typo domains, that generate together about 6000-900 german soccer-associated type-ins per month (calculated value, since I donīt have them long enough yet (they generate 200-300 per day together). Since the soccer-season is over, I guess that those domains would generate a lot more type-ins when soccer-season has starts again or in worldcup times.

    The typos are typo of a generic name, allthough on this generic name there are several trademarks registered on (on the original word, not on the typo-words).

    The type-ins are almost 100% german traffic and almost 100% soccer-associated. The traffic generated is type-ins ONLY (the domains are not registered in any searchengine, as well as there leads no link nor any advertisement to the domains)

    Leave me a PM if you are interested in buying them

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    I can add to that package the domain as a bonus. produces about 15-20 typeins a day directed as well to soccer.

    any reasonable offers are welcome in PM.

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    stats avliable now


    Domains still for sale. Stats are avaliable now, since I had some time now to track the domains a little. Some "break-in" on weekends, but great traffic on weekdays. All of these visits are type-ins. The domains are not submited to any search engines nor do they have any ads on em.

    Here is the stats:

    When I took the screenshots, june the 7th was not over yet. finally it had about 60 typeins more at the end of that day.

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