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    Thumbs up Cpanel Flash tutorials, Cheap, No waiting

    We provide affordable flash tutorials for the web hosting industry.
    Our tutorials show your clients how to do a task or how to solve a problem.
    They can see step-by-step process with out asking you. This way you can reduce your support costs by more than 80%
    We cover several control panels and helpdesks solutions.
    We also make custom tutorials in several languages.

    Here is what we offer:

    Cpanel X2 theme 30 tutorials - 35 USD
    Cpanel RVBlue theme 31 tutorials - 40 USD
    More will be added...

    Want to reduce support tickets?
    Want to offer better customer support?

    We have solution for you.
    Our flash tutorials are all what you need.

    All tutorials can be viewed here:
    If you have any questions, you can contact us at [email protected]

    PS: You do not have to wait many hours to download your flash tutorials as you will with our competitors.
    You can download your tutorials immediately after purchase.


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    I almoust forgot.

    One thing that set us apart from our competitors is that people will get their tutorials immediately after purchase. Customers can also use any logo they want. All that they need to do is to upload logo.jpg file in directory with tutorials and logo will be automatically shown in tutorials.

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    Nice one thanks, looks good , the prices are much cheaper then at , but arn't you afreid selling unbranded tutorials, in a week or two they will be on warez %)

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    Just one thing about the demo's, you can't fastforward/rewind the demos?
    .:: vento web hosting
    .:: simple hosting, simple solutions, simply reliable

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    To Dimka:

    You did not understand right.
    Our demos you can only use on one spesific doman. So when you can only use our demos on one spesific domain,
    logo does play any rolle. This way we protect us and our customers.
    And people do not have to wait many hours before they get their tutorials.

    We use special programs/scripts which have been written by our programmers.
    Our solution work on both client side and server side. We also use our protection system on ordinary
    flash web sites and intros. This way you can protect your work form being stolen by someone else. If you are
    interested in our security system you can always contact one of our representatives at [email protected]


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    To ventohost:

    We are working on solution to this problem right now. But anyone who will buy flash tutorials now, will of course get their update for FREE.


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