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    Cheap Dedicated Server Asia: South Korea, China, Hong Kong

    Hi guys,

    I know there have been threads about this, but few credible threads with actual links to packages and prices (even in non-English).

    So, again, anyone please feel free to post information, prices and experiences with Asia Pacific providers.

    I am particularly interested in South Korean providers, as I feel their bandwidth is the best.

    I'm curious to see what you can all conjur up .

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    Is it cheaper than in US?

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    Some yes. for singapore. for hong kong, but i'm not sure if they are still providing dedicated services.
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    455 will provide unmetered data transfer as long as it doesnt affect/disrupt their network.

    based on my conversation with them ... they wouldnt even allow you to push 300Gb monthly if most of your traffic are outside singapore.

    IMHO, it's a false advertising
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    Hmm, this doesn't sound so promising yet . I do know there are some good providers in South Korea. I just need some links.

    Let's make this the record breaking post that helps people find good servers in Asia! . Also, SOME Chinese networks are good I am told (yes, I also know many are not good, but there are a few).

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    There is a reason why not going thru 300GB of bandwidth....
    They(Asia dedicated services) are very sensitive on international bandwidth due to they are incredible expensive... Is nearly as much as a server rental/month for just 1 Mbps~ (324GB)

    South korea is quite nice..I am in Australia, I can download files up to 300-400KB/s but if under peak hours...don't complain.....(5kb/s) or less~ *peak hours in korea*


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    Sounds good, can you mention some links, prices and plans if possible?

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    yeah, i'm also looking for an asian dedicated server unmetered (for the asian market)

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