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    * what kind of promotion is effective when I start hosting business?

    Dear all,
    Recently my company will introduce reseller hosting plan.My company used to be a registrar,so our reseller hosting plan will mainly focus on our present customers,but new customer is also very important.So here would anyone share his experience about the hosting promotion at the beginning and kindly give some suggestion to the below questions?

    1,how many months would customers buy when you first lauch hosting plan?(for your current customers and new customers).I think there are at least 5 kinds of payments,such as monthly,3-month,6-month,1-year,2-year,what about the ratio customer prefer?

    2, what's your promotion methods on different kinds of payment times(such as monthly,3-month,6-month,1-year,2-year) and on different type of customers(for your current customers and new customers).And which is more effective?

    Thanks for your kindly offering.

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    I was thinking of doing a 3 month free promo, if anyone would transfer their accounts to us for a 1 yr term. I figure that they are clients that may be looking for a way out, but need a little incentive.

    I have put this to the test thou!!

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    1-2 years is far too long for me for expensive plans on a new web host. I would start with a monthly plan or 3 months at most. Until you establish a reputation people won't (or shouldn't) commit to such long term contracts. This is me speaking from an end-user view of course.
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    SilverSting, kohashi,thanks for your kind I would like to show the detail of my basic reseller hosting plan:
    basic plan
    domain 5
    POP3 accounts 500
    Webspace 2.5G
    Bandwidth/month 125 GB
    Databases 5x MySQL
    __3 Month Price + $30 Setup 23.99/mo
    __6 Month Price+ $30 Setup 23.99/mo
    __12 Month Price (Free Setup) + Free Domain 23.99/mo+5free domains
    __24 Month Price (Free Setup) + Free Domain 20.99/mo+5free domains

    more suggestions?

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    1. that setup fee might encourage (compel would be a better word) people to go for 12 month etc, but, as kohashi said, you're just starting and people might not want to take that kind of chance. Setup fees, while coving some costs, are a barrier for the customer.

    2. Let me get this straight: 125gb of data transfer for ~$25, reseller account. That's $0.20/gig. A bit low IMHO, but lets just hope that you know your costs. I also hope you realise that reseller hosting is *not* shared hosting.

    3. Ability to host just 5 domains? What would be the price for adding new domains?

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    Hello there,

    When you are introducing something new to the business, you need to make it out to be an offer that they CANNOT resist taking. Maybe you could offer them a extra space and bandwidth if they sign up before a certain date. Also you could DOUBLE their space and bandwidth if they pay monthly.

    Try to avoid setup fees on small packages because to be honest with you, it isn't hard to setup a reseller account. Make it bold and hard to resist.

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    "Webspace 2.5G
    Bandwidth/month 125 GB"

    That's a lot of resources to only offer "5 domains" hosted with the package. Granted, your price is cheap, but I think you need more balance, even if you have to raise the price a bit.

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