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    * New Opteron 2xCPU server setup in Central Tokyo / Japan

    Hi Everybody,

    I will be setting up a Debian based Opteron Dual CPU system with SCSI drives until August 2004.

    I wanted to get some feedback what the customers out there want.
    (not that I dont know that, but I want to hear other opinions as well - please state your country if possible)

    The server will be based in my private appartement. Therefore for the start I probably wont be able to provide UPS and network redundancy. I havent decided yet if I should go for Dynamic DNS or a static IP address. The network connection will be a 100MB fiber optics line.

    Anybody interested in becoming a partner or just leaving his rant is very welcome.

    Thank you for reading this.

    You can also e-mail me in private, in case you want to discuss something which is not for the public.

    Best regards
    __--- Nils Valentin ---
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    I would suggest getting at least 2 Static IPs, this way you can at least host your own nameservers. Good choice on the Dual Opteron. How much is the monthly cost going to be for this? Do you plan on getting more servers.

    Please email me at aaron AT I may be interested in working with partnering with you.
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    I would be really interested in leaving my rants. PM me with more info.

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    For the start we will go with 2x 848 CPUs and 2Gb Memory. The HDD will be 2-4 Scsi HDD (Fujitsu 36GB -144GB) - I will have to decide if I go for size or silence ;-).

    I am currently waiting for the 1u heatsinks which will arrive the next 2 weeks. I am actually thinking to get a 1u case (from sypermicro and fit the power cable to the Opteron board.

    I forget the case model but from what I saw the supermicro case seemed more solid and more thoroughly planned than the Tyan something-28.

    I have two ways to start this up:

    1) Together with a partner (looking for contributions in anyway ;-)
    2) In steps as the money comes in (the most likely).

    I will try to make a mixture of both really.

    Its my first server. I am not new to Linux, but I dont feel yet comfortable to start a webhosting business on it. So what I will do is I am probably looking for 4-5 testcandidates to try to start this up together. And thats it for the beginning. The 4-5 people will be able to share and fool around on the one machine.

    I am looking for people which are technically interested in Linux, Security, Webhosting, compiling. I want to use this machine to test all possible types of scenarios that can be interesting to many people, f.e how different is the speed for mysql 32 bit and 64 bit applications ?

    The machine itself will probably be reinstalled a couple of times per year to delete all data. So that makes it not suitable for hosting. Also I dont want to offer an e-mail service as of now, but I would like to test how to get SSL and TLS and postfix etc all installed (by hand - not rpms).

    Ideally everybody is from a different continent so that we work on different times at the machine, but I dont think that it is a real problem.

    At this time I am more interested in Technically interested partners rather than Webhosting Resellers. So this will have to be a give and take relation. If this works out well than I am thinking about starting to offer services like f.e webhosting some time next year.

    About the IP addresses: For the moment I have only 1 IP as an option. IP addresses are very expensive in Japan. With Hong Kong, Malaysia just around a corner that is of course a strong competition. So for the beginning we will have to stick to 1 IP address or dynamic DNS for the first months. I know thats sounds a bit sad, especially when a 100 MB fiber optics line is available - unmetered, but life is all about compromising isnt it ;-).

    I am already in the steps for getting 5 IP addresses, but for financial reasons that will not happen before christmas.

    The memory will be upgraded as soon as money comes in, but for the start I believe that the system should be strong enough to handle a few webhits.

    My idea is that of a Linux Community, so if you are good at Linux and like to improve your skills than I would appreciate your reply.

    A homepage which is using a similar service to what I am looking at is f.e

    The machine is a different spec, but you can check if the speed is acceptable for you.

    Thats all for the moment.

    I would appreciate to hear what you had initially in mind when you read the announcement (regardless of my thoughts).
    __--- Nils Valentin ---
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