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    Do you like space?

    I was out in San Jose on memorials day doing a emergency call and..... well I was at the DC I spoke with Richie who manages servers for intel and he told me to checkout  PuRam I must say after checking out the site I immediatly pulled out my master card and ordered. I also saw some benchmarks on one of the L servers that Intel owned and they surely are amazing.

    Anyone else using L or any companies like L?

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    I may be wrong, but this site has been around for quite some time and was determined by ZDNet, PC Magazine, etc. as a fraud. They don't produce what they promise, and I believe they use third-hand hardware. How were you able to order?

    That's great if they're not a fraud, but from what I've been told and articles I've read, they're not to be trusted.


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