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    * error:--Microsof jet ad

    its my first time configuring this type of host i wanted to make the free hosting server. so what i did was that i configured my ftp server with user authentication from odbc i made a database which contained authentication information for user like user name directory name pw etc now i wanted my users to come on my web and sign up to receive an email which would say that ok u have signed for freee web space and u receive day 20 mb space.
    now when i made this asp web i thought that i would add user contents like user name and pw etc directly to the ftp server database (the same database which i used to authenticat ftp users) buti got and eror which said that my unable to establish connection the database is already is use
    if any one can help me out or if what i thought was totally wrong any ideas any tutorials abt this or topic
    thanks any ways if u read this whether u answer to this or not

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    Hmmm... Does anyone understand that post?

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    I think that u should now
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    I also had no idea what they were talking about, but then found some info at google:

    The RTM .NET runs under a different account to the previous versions. it use to run a an
    administrator, but they changed that for security reasons. it now runs under the account ASPNET.
    Does that user have access to the database?

    Make sure add "aspuser" to the directory
    (and all files inside) as full control (read,write,change,delete).

    MS suggested making the "aspprocess" run in the system

    What are the NTFS permissions for the folder that the file is in (Access
    needs to create and destroy it's little .ldb lockfile - if the user in
    question doesn't have sufficient priveleges to the folder that could be the
    problem as well).

    As a suggestion (to help in seeing if this is a permissions related
    problem), try giving the Everyone group Full Control to the folder (and
    making sure that the permissions are propogated to files/folders)

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    i used asp3.0 to make this web page and msaccess as back end
    i do get ur point that i should try giving full acees to users and should check whether ms has full acees and is able to delte and then again make the file .ldb.
    i treid to run the page with the same database which i made for ftp server after shutting down the ftp server and i got it
    i got full result as i needed .
    after that when i run the ftp server and then try to open the same page it gave an error again
    u see i noticed one thing that when i am my ftp server(serv-u) is running the file .ldb is present with the database which means that the database is in use so thats y the same databse cant be used by asp.
    i just got an idea that i am using msaccess as database what if i use mysql or microsoft sql server as database is it gona work???????????
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    See if you can find some info or someone to help you here:

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    thanks greg i would try that out but if u ever get any kind of information just let me know

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    any other suggestions?

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    Are you closing your connections to the database after performing your query? If you leave open the connection Jet maybe locking the tables.

    Make sure to call the close method of the connection object or to have it done automatically wrap your command object/data adapter in a using statement (see the following):

    using(OdbcConnection myConnection = new OdbcConnection(_sConnectionString))
    OdbcDataAdapter myAdapter = new OdbcDataAdapter(myConnection.CreateCommand());
    myAdapter.SelectCommand.CommandText = myBuilder.ToString();


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