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Thread: ads management?

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    ads management?


    does anyone know a free ad management program that can:
    - publish banners, texts or banners+texts (in other words, "HTML codes")
    - can be done on static page (something like google adsense... probably javascript is enough)
    - should have at least these stats: how many times it were showed and how many times it were clicked
    - the stats above should be from "each" site (i plan to put the ads on more than one site... each one should have their stats)

    well... i think that's all

    does phpadsnew does that?

    thanks very much

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    I think phpAdsnew would be your best pick.

    good luck!

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    phpadsnew will do all that. It has many options for delivering the ads.
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    i third phpadsnew

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    thanks very much for the suggestions!

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