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    * [cPanel / WHM] Setting Up Remote Access Key

    I have been in WHM lots of times before (root that is)

    I have setup the remote key lots of times as well,

    but in the

    WHM 9.2.0 cPanel 9.3.0-R5
    RedHat Enterprise 3 - WHM X v3.1.0

    Version, I am unable to setup a key or find out how.

    I am setting up WHMAP and I can't figure out how to get the WHM Access key.


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    I had this issue recently when setting Autopilot up again.

    Just add scripts/setrhash after your 2086 and it will take you to the page. I hear that cpanel forgot to put it back in when they did an update *shrug*

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    yup, i just switched to BLue version, got the key and changed back to X

    Thanks jonknapp

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    no prob bob

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    ah, nice, didnt know that , hehe i had to create a reseller account just to configure a script, hehe

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