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    Need 35 dollars, will do simple PHP work or perhaps simple webdesign

    I really need 35 dollars and I need it pretty quickly so if anyone has a job(preferably PHP but web design if need be)

    contact via PMB

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    Just wanted to chime in on Refresh's post here... I was (and am) very happy with the work that he did for me on He's responsible for the graphical layout of the site itself.

    RefreshF5, just sent you a few dollars myself, as a starter token of my appreciation of your work.
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    thank you I really aprreciate it.

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    <hijack on>
    none of the graphics on your site are loading for me
    <hijack off>

    Good luck!

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    You must use that link instead... He had a period at the end and since it was relative it messed it up.

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    ^^yup that was the reason

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    PM me your paypal address, ill donate some..

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    do you need any work done

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    Welp theres $10 for ya...theres another $10 in it if you can figure out how to get modernbill login to work with my login form, i.e they put in there info and it logs into the modernbill system, I believe there is a template for that or something...if not you can just keep this $10

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    adminME I can give you the proper form setup for that to work, feel free to drop me a line.
    - Tim

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    Send me an email. I need a customer login customer script and will pay a lot more than $35 dollars
    Best Wishes,

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    thank you for the 10 dollars it is much appreciated, I am not familiar for moderbill but it seems someone else has a form that will work. To the poster above me I have sent you an email.

  13. We can do a custom modernbill login form. Drop us a line.
    Sorry RefreshF5 for taking away your businesses. ;-)

    One more thing, We are Modernbill's Official development partner.
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